Caring community comes together to make a difference for CHEO

Ottawa, ON – June 5, 2022 – At 7 p.m. tonight the grand fundraising total of $11,818,771 was announced on the CHEOTelethon. This final number represents all the donations made during this past year – a year in which people from across our region showed their commitment to having the best possible healthcare available for children, youth and families. Despite facing wave after wave of the pandemic, the community gave their time and resources to support work that goes on every day at CHEO, the CHEO Research Institute and Roger Neilson House. In times of need, we can proudly say that CHEO is here for this community because this community has always been here for CHEO.

From May 23 to June 5, people were encouraged to visit to watch six touching videos that featured CHEOfamilies. Thanks to our generous corporate sponsors all online donations were matched, ensuring every gift has double the impact.

“It is incredible to see the power of philanthropy in our community,” said Steve Read, Acting President and CEO, CHEO Foundation. “Donor generosity over the past year has made it possible to advance care for our region’s most vulnerable. From equipment upgrades to in-hospital programs to research and beyond, donations make a lasting impact on all floors and in every clinic at CHEO. Today’s CHEO Telethon was a beautiful way to showcase dedicated healthcare professionals and courageous families going beyond what was thought possible, helping the children they care for live their best lives. The donors who fund this work are creating a ripple effect of kindness across our community.”

This extraordinary financial support allows CHEO to serve the 500,000 children and youth who will need programs and services in the coming year and to meet new challenges as they arise. The people in our region have once again made the CHEO Telethon a success. We thank you for supporting your local children’s hospital.


For more information please contact: 


Katrina Bussey 
CHEO Foundation 
Director of Communications
Cell: 613-878-5904  

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There are so many different events that happen in support of CHEO and for that we are most grateful. Please check out our special events calendar so you can join us and help make a difference. Feel free to become involved as a volunteer or organize your own event.