Dan Doré

“If you aren’t making somebody’s life better, you are wasting your time.” This quote came to Dan Doré from a business contact and it has become his mantra, one he uses to frame his business and personal life.

Dan is the owner of DORE Property Management, a company that matches property owners with tenants. Building bonds of trust and communication are key to Dan’s success and since 1999 he has been growing his network and his company.

Real estate is a fast-paced world that always suited Dan’s ambitious nature. He describes his younger self as “a go getter, always pushing for the next thing.” This energy is part of his work ethic, but as time went on Dan developed a larger vision. He found that going from one win to the next wasn’t always rewarding, “you get the next big thing, and it isn’t fulfilling.”

This thinking led Dan to begin making donations to CHEO. At that time he didn’t have children or a connection with CHEO but supporting pediatric health care spoke to him. Dan feels it’s the “vulnerability of the children, you can’t get any more innocent.”

This giving was part of a process where Dan started to rethink his priorities. He had dreamed of buying an expensive car when his business started thriving but when the time came he knew, “I’ll get more fulfillment giving to CHEO than from getting another car.” The next day he became a monthly donor.

In addition to being generous, Dan felt this was a smart business practice. With monthly giving “you get into a groove and incorporate donations into monthly expenses instead of trying to figure it out at the end of the year. You don’t worry about it or even think about it; it’s easy.” While Dan is certainly no stranger to planning and finances, he knows his strengths. “Time is sometimes more difficult to give. This is more productive for me, it’s the best way to use my talents.”

A year and a half after making this commitment Dan’s life took a turn. Suddenly he and his wife understood how important CHEO is. Their son was born premature and something was wrong. Their baby was in extreme pain and needed immediate surgery for a hernia. The first-time parents thought they would be taking their baby home, instead, they were taking him to CHEO. “It’s humbling when the doctors come in and you need to sign off on the risks. You’re used to being in the driver’s seat and all of a sudden you hand over control to someone else…and you hope.”

Luckily the Doré family was in good hands. Dan remembers how this place he had supported for so long became very personal for him. “The people there are amazing; the experience as parents was phenomenal.”

Today Dan’s son is in perfect health but his experience with CHEO put life into perspective for him. “In business you run into challenges, but we’re not just going to work to earn a living. It’s not just about you. We give back. When we have success we’re able to give back.”

Despite being a private person and knowing that everyone’s financial situation is different, Dan is sharing the process that led him to become a monthly donor. He encourages other business leaders to think about it, “make it part of your business, make it part of what you do.” CHEO is grateful to be included in Dan’s investment in his community both as a leader and as a generous supporter of children.

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