Grandparents play an integral role in the health and wellness of their grandchild, whether they receive care at CHEO Roger Neilson House (RNH) or not. By supporting CHEO through the Grandparents Program you can help provide specialized care for other families who need CHEO and RNH today and in the future.

CHEO and RNH have the privilege of touching the lives of 500,000 infants, children and youth each year along with their families. Many families at CHEO have one thing in common: they are not in a position to be donors to support and improve the care their children receive. It is for this reason that the responsibility for providing the financial support CHEO so urgently needs falls to the rest of us. It takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to care for them. This is what makes supporting CHEO and RNH so special and so important. It is a challenge that our community comes together to help us to meet each and every year. It’s why we consider the words “foundation” and “community” to be interchangeable. As a grandparent, you are a vital link in the health and care of your grandchildren and through your support of CHEO and RNH, of children in our community as well. Thank you!

In the next 20 years there will be 70,000 more children and youth in our region than there are today. The need for our services will continue to grow. Please consider joining CHEO’s community of grandparents and all those who support the well-being of children in our region. You can experience the pride of improving the lives of the children and families among us. Consider making a gift today.

How your gift will make an impact

The CHEO Foundation works closely with CHEO, the CHEO Research Institute and Roger Neilson House (RNH) to determine funding priorities within each organization which can include medical equipment, hospital programs and life-saving research. Continued donor support is vital if we are to continue providing specialized pediatric care for the families in our region.

Medical Equipment

As the only pediatric hospital serving eastern Ontario and western Quebec, parts of northern Ontario and Nunavut, it is paramount for the doctors, nurses and staff at CHEO to have the most up-to-date tools and equipment. Caring for children and youth presents a different set of challenges when compared to treating adults.  For example, highly specialized equipment must be able to treat all patients from the tiniest infant to a full grown teenager. This flexibility comes at a great cost, making medical equipment one of our top priorities each year.

Did You Know…

It costs more to purchase equipment to care for kids than for adults. CHEO has specialized pediatric equipment, like blood pressure cuffs that come in more than six different sizes!

Clinical Services and Programs

The CHEO Foundation funds numerous programs and clinics within CHEO from asthma to infectious disease clinics to Child Life programs and everything in between.  There are over 170,000 patient visits to CHEO’s 71 specialty clinics each year. Donations supporting these clinics and the programs they run at CHEO are always considered an urgent need.

Did You Know…

CHEO has a Pet Therapy program which includes nine trained therapy dogs who volunteer with their handlers to interact with patients and help them cope. It’s just one more way CHEO makes the hospital feel a bit more like home. 


Improving the health of our children and youth is at the very core of the work being done at the CHEO Research Institute.  The CHEO Research Institute makes discoveries today for healthier kids tomorrow. Thanks to donor dollars, funding keeps scientists and clinicians working to find new ways to more successfully and more gently treat CHEO’s most vulnerable patients.

Did you know…

40,288 patients and families were engaged in research at CHEO last year alone! 

Please consider supporting CHEO today in an area that resonates with you or consider making an undesignated donation.  An undesignated gift gives us the flexibility to allocate your donation to CHEO’s most urgent needs. This can be funding life-saving research, supporting clinics and programs, providing compassionate care or purchasing highly specialized pediatric equipment. By making an undesignated gift you are helping kids throughout CHEO, and RNH have the best outcome today and in the future.

Upcoming CHEO Events

There are so many different events that happen in support of CHEO and for that we are most grateful. Please check out our special events calendar so you can join us and help make a difference. Feel free to become involved as a volunteer or organize your own event.