CHEO is now working on an upgraded catheterization lab and interventional suite to improve cardiac care. This work was made possible by the merging of enthusiastic corporate sponsorship and community spirit. In August 2017 the CP Women’s Open LPGA event at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club hosted the world’s best women golfers. Through its sponsorship of the event and the CP Has Heart Program, Canadian Pacific offered donors a unique opportunity to double their donations.

Thanks to the matching program the CHEO community was able to double their pledges to this initiative benefiting many CHEO patients. This commitment resulted in an incredible $2 million raised!

By working together, our friends at CP and our engaged community of donors have enabled CHEO to re-design space, install specialized equipment and provide training to staff. This means that CHEO’s patients will have access to world-class care. The improved suite will offer incredible benefits to patients on several fronts including nearly real-time 3D imaging. This will help guide CHEO’s  physicians when fixing heart defects, enlarging cardiac vessels, performing biopsies and providing other such delicate procedures more effectively. It will also provide higher quality images rendered with fewer x-rays per second resulting in the lowest possible radiation exposure for young patients. State-of-the-art detailed imaging will also assist doctors in making diagnoses. In some cases, having more accurate and precise information from scans could eliminate the need for surgery by providing doctors with optimal images to determine if non-surgical options are preferable. When surgeries are required, the catheterization lab and interventional suite will allow CHEO surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures where possible, in turn reducing patient discomfort as well as reducing the amount of time spent recovering in hospital.

We thank Canadian Pacific and our donors for this extraordinary opportunity to make such strides for CHEO’s patients and their families.

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