Hair Donation Ottawa has evolved into a year-round fundraiser where you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth in our community living with cancer. Donate your hair or beard trimmings and raise funds for ground-breaking cancer research at CHEO, empower kids and youth going through cancer treatment and support environmental sustainability initiatives!  


Did you know: 

  • On average 75 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year at CHEO. 
  • Every patient receives a treatment plan unique to them. 
  • Each cancer patient gets a bell-ringing ceremony at the end of their treatment. Families, friends and CHEO staff gather to cheer patients on as they ring the special bell. It is both an emotional and celebratory moment that highlights their courage. 
  • Scientists at CHEO and the CHEO Research Institute are engaged in a number of studies focused on providing treatment options that are gentler for little bodies. Dedicated teams are involved in cutting-edge work including investigating the genetic roots of cancer, manufacturing oncolytic viruses capable of attacking cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact, and using transparent zebra fish to observe and manipulate tumours in dynamic studies responding quickly to new information. 

Hair Donation Ottawa proceeds support: 

  • Cancer research at the CHEO Research Institute. 
  • Cancer care at CHEO. 
  • Providing wigs for local children and youth in need in partnership with The Hairapy Shop Ottawa. 
  • Green Circle Salons environmental efforts. They use hair to create products like bio-composite plastic recycling bins, stormwater filters and insulation, or hair booms that help with oil spill clean ups in our oceans, lakes and rivers. No hair goes to waste. It’s a win-win! 



Interested in donating your hair? Here’s How! 

Step 1: Register on our online platform and commit to collecting pledges for donating your hair and/or shaving your head or beard. 

Step 2: Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to your fundraising page. With every dollar you fundraise, you are helping children and youth in our community who are facing cancer and other health challenges that result in hair loss.  

Step 3: Cut your hair or beard. Whether you DIY your cut or visit a salon, please ensure your hair has been thoroughly dried before proceeding with your haircut or shave.

Step 4: Donate your hair! More in-depth information on how to prepare your hair for donation can be found in the FAQs.  



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