Partnership between Circle K and CHEO to help patients be active and healthy

Ottawa, ON – At a news conference held at CHEO today, Circle K presented a cheque for $300,000 to support development and rehabilitation programs, child life services and equipment needs at CHEO.

Circle K has 69 locations in the Ottawa area that are participating in this important initiative for CHEO. Every customer that makes any donation in store will receive a free coffee. Circle K, through their Froster Active Kids fund, will direct these donations to CHEO. This is an ongoing campaign that began in the spring and continues to build momentum.

“We are very excited about this campaign,” said Kevin Keohane, President and CEO, CHEO Foundation. “At CHEO, our mission is to help children and youth live their best lives, and Circle K aligned so well with that vision. The Ottawa community has shown time and again that helping kids and families is a priority and we are very grateful.”

“The Froster Active Kids program believes that all children should have an opportunity to participate in activities that promote personal integrity, teamwork and leadership skills,” says Tyler Ramsawack, Hot Dispensed Category Manager, Central Canada. “These experiences expose children to fun and healthy learning environments which ultimately build character, instill life-enhancing values and develop lasting memories. We felt that partnering with CHEO to fund programs that help children live their most active lives was a perfect pairing. We are fully committed to helping families in our communities.”

Seven-year-old Lincoln Ferrabee and his family were on hand today to talk about their CHEO experiences. When Lincoln was 18 months old, his parents first noticed he wasn’t hitting certain milestones, including walking independently. His speech was also delayed. At age two he was referred to a neurologist at CHEO where it was determined that Lincoln had cerebral palsy (CP). The CHEO team assembled. “It was quick,” Laura recalls. “He was referred to Development and Rehabilitation at CHEO for occupational, physical and speech therapy.” He has been with CHEO for five years. The past three, he’s been there every day in the kindergarten program.

Last fall, Lincoln underwent surgery to release tension and relieve pain in his leg muscles. But the surgery and recovery took away much of his strength and stamina. With the support of his CHEO physiotherapist, occupational therapist and other specialists, he’s been working to regain his strength, build muscle and improve his flexibility, function and form. “He is dedicated to his care and has a fantastic work ethic and amazing attitude,” Laura says with a smile. “He sets a goal intent on surpassing it. I’ve seen him work so hard his legs are shaking – but that won’t stop him – and he’s surrounded by a team of people who see his potential and are committed to helping him succeed.”

The Froster Active Kids fund will benefit a variety of programs throughout the hospital. Development and rehabilitation programs that help children with significant disabilities will receive funds to support recreation therapy, summer camps and CHEO School recreation camps.

Child life services, which are unique to pediatric hospitals and allow kids to be kids during difficult times, will receive support for the therapeutic clown program, art therapy programs and the purchase of new toys and games for the playrooms.

This very generous gift will also be dedicated to the purchase of much-needed equipment at CHEO. Specifically, a treadmill for stress tests, a new electrocardiograph machine for the cardiology clinic, exercise equipment for physiotherapy and middle ear analyzers for the audiology clinic.


For more information please contact:

Katrina Bussey
Director of Communications
CHEO Foundation
613 738-3969
[email protected]


About CHEO

CHEO is a global leader in pediatric health, dedicated to helping children and youth live their best lives. CHEO combines excellence in clinical care, research and education with a commitment to working with our partners to advance seamless care that’s provided where, when and how it’s needed. Every year, CHEO helps more than 500,000 children and youth from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, Nunavut and Northern Ontario.

About Froster Active Kids fund

Froster Active Kids fund’s mission is to positively impact the lives of youth while building a better community by providing opportunities for a healthy active lifestyle. Circle K assists with funding local youth programs and/or initiatives that support youth empowerment through activities in communities across Ontario.

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