Loris and Carol

The power of a life well lived reaches beyond the years one person spends on this earth. The influence of a kind and generous soul transcends its own sphere of work and family to touch all those they encounter and in some cases to become a support for generations they will never meet.

These souls are beautiful, and to find two people with the same compassionate and giving nature is beyond rare; it’s a once in a lifetime event. Carol and Loris are proof that these radiant souls exist. The couple found each other and became not only a spectacular love story but a combined force for good in our world through their international work, in Canada through their commitment to social justice and in our city through the endowment fund they established for CHEO.  In Carol’s words, this fund fulfills the desire for “giving in the present and building for the future.”

Even more remarkable is that the idea for this fund came as Loris was facing the end of his life. In the intense days that led up to his passing, Loris and Carol took great comfort from a palliative care team including a physician with ties to CHEO. The outreach that soothed them during the difficult days became their inspiration to create a fund that would make a lasting contribution to the health of children.

Despite her own shattering loss, Carol was moved by what some children have to endure, how cruel illness can be for a young person and their family. But Carol is never one to see only the dark side of things. In acknowledging the struggles of some patients she also recognizes how at CHEO “children are enveloped by a team helping them to live their life. When a child is gravely ill, there is a solution as opposed to a hopeless situation. The work is so incredibly positive.  CHEO is a happy place where children feel welcome.”

In Carol’s words, this fund fulfills the desire for “giving in the present and building for the future.”

Endowment funds like the one established at the time of Loris’ death, strengthened through Carol’s continued giving and designated for additional contributions when the estate is settled are a solid foundation from which CHEO can build and grow. Having stable funding allows the teams at CHEO to innovate and bring ground-breaking results to our region, country and around the world. As someone with a focus on global issues Carol feels “very privileged to be part of that.” She welcomes spending her “life and the hereafter associated with CHEO.”

Carol and Loris have created an exquisite legacy, by living lives of purpose and love and choosing to share their good fortune with children who have a challenging start. Their vision is far-reaching, anchored in optimism and kindness. This is giving based on hope: “The children we help, who knows what they will go out and do with their lives, it’s the gift of life that is the connection.” CHEO and our community are stronger because of these gifts and these distinguished lives.

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