Volunteers play a critical role in supporting the important work being done at CHEO.

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There are many different ways to give that will help the children and youth at CHEO.

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Plan an event

Planning a special fundraising event for CHEO is fun, inspiring and fulfilling. You can help.

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Share your story

You can help us celebrate the amazing work being done at CHEO by telling us about your CHEO experience.  Click here to tell us why CHEO is special to you.


Create a legacy

In 20 years there will be 70,000 more children in the National Capital Region. Your legacy gift can leave a permanent and meaningful mark on your community and help future generations of children at CHEO.

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Upcoming CHEO Events

There are so many different events that happen in support of CHEO and for that we are most grateful. Please check out our special events calendar so you can join us and help make a difference. Feel free to become involved as a volunteer or organize your own event.