Virtual Punching with Purpose Challenge

Join Phoenix Boxing’s “Punching With Purpose” event from now until June 6, 2021. This is an annual heavy bag punching marathon-fundraiser, 100% of the proceeds go to support Mental Health services at CHEO! It’s a great opportunity for our boxers and gym to contribute to our community and be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. Watch … Continued

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Kurling for Kids Online Trivia Contest

Don’t miss out on the first ever Kurling for Kids online trivia contest! All participants must register for free as a Kurling for Kids fundraiser, and you can purchase your tickets to the Online Trivia Contest while registering, or at anytime!  To register: Click here  To purchase tickets: Click here    Participants sign–up individually and tickets cost $15 per player. Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive an email … Continued

Upcoming CHEO Events

There are so many different events that happen in support of CHEO and for that we are most grateful. Please check out our special events calendar so you can join us and help make a difference. Feel free to become involved as a volunteer or organize your own event.

Ottawa Heroes Fundraiser

Ottawa’s Positive “Wave” of Support for the Frontline It’s been a long haul for our frontline workers. You have likely…