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At CHEO we have always been mindful and appreciative of the generous support provided to our patients and families by this community. The world-class medical care and cutting edge-research that goes on at CHEO every day would not be possible without the donors, volunteers and advocates who enable CHEO to treat thousands of children, youth and families every year. The COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped our community has forced us to change many of our behaviours and most definitely our usual activities, keeping us away from our places of work, our favourite pastimes, even from our dearest loved ones. While uncomfortable and frightening in many ways, this time of forced stillness has made us slow down and become more mindful of what is most important in life. For many people that is family and community, and the crucial need to protect both  

Not surprisingly during this unprecedented time, lawyers are seeing an increase in people either writing a will for the first time or updating an existing will. They are also reporting that their clients are considering how to help their community by making sure it is stronger because of them. This legacy building is often achieved by including a charity in estate planning.  

Recently the Ontario Government announced that it was allowing the virtual witnessing of wills via video conferencing during the pandemic. If this idea resonates with you here are some links that provide helpful and practical information:

If you have any questions and would like more information about including a gift to CHEO in your will, please contact Megan Doyle Ray, Manager, Legacy Giving and Memorial Programs at 613 297-2633 or [email protected]  

Be safe and take good care. 


Forever CHEO is a way to ensure that CHEO will always be here to provide excellent care, lifesaving research and invaluable support to children and their families every day by making a gift from your estate.

Ways to give:

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Endowment Funds


Life Insurance

Charitable Remainder Trusts

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While the CHEO Foundation strongly urges you to seek professional legal and financial advice when planning your estate, we will do everything we can to assist you in creating a legacy gift to CHEO. Please feel free to contact any member of CHEO’s Legacy Advisory Committee for more information about minimizing the tax liability of your estate and how you can make a lasting impact on the kids and families at CHEO. We would be happy to help you create your Forever CHEO legacy for generations of CHEO patients.

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